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February 6, 2011

Open Source Licence for UML Almighty

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We are analyzing which Open Source Licence suite better for UML Almighty. There are a lot of licence and some of them are not clear at all. For now we are choosing  The PostgreSQL Licence (TPL). Is not defined yet.

Main Goals

* Open source code (for future versions and modified versions)

* Modified versions and others distributions must have the same licence.

* Can NOT charge for the source code or the installer (for any version or modified version) .

* Can charge for services  (SaaS – software as a service).


* Programmers, Analyst, Software Engineer using UML in its projects.

* Companies that use UML in its projects.

* Universities to teach OPP.

* Software researchers of  (Virtual machines and meta programming).

What it does

* It generates a Web/Desktop customizable application from a Class Diagram (imported through XMI file).

* Behavior can be programmed to each class in the diagram. So Sequence Diagrams can be executed.

* The generated application it is a Simulation (with customizable GUI prototype) and execution of the UML design.

* Ensure that 100% of the design can be implemented as designed.




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